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For Colleges & University Staff
1.   How to do Admission form entry in DC ? Click here to presentation
2.   How to Make Admission in DC of Online applied Student ? Click here to presentation
3.   How to check uploaded student count ? click here to presentation
4.   How to Submit Registration ? click here to presentation
5.   How to Inward Exmination Form ? click here to presentation 
6.   How to Download Exam Form ? click here to presentation
7.   How to Download Eligibility Status Report? Click here to presentation
8.   How to Download Examination Hall ticket ? Click here to presentation
 9.   How to Download Examination blank mark list ? click here to presentation
10.   How to Download Paper Wise Attendance Sheet & Junior Supervisor Report? Click here to presentation
11.   How to do mark entry ?  Click here to presentation
12.    How to Publish Paper Mark Entry ? Click here to Presentation
13.   How to check Student Profile?  Click here to Presentation
14.   Digital College User Guide Click here to Presentation
For Students
1.   Online Admission  Click here to Presentation
2.   How to Use Esuvidha Login Click here to presentation
3.   How to Download Examination Hall ticket (From Student login)? Click here to presentation
4.   How to put request for change name ? Click here to presentation
5.   Registered Student Admission
Click here to Presentaiton
6 How To Apply for Convocation Click here to Presentation