Photocopies Ready for Distribution
Last Updated On Apr 3 2017 12:48PM
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Faculty of Arts & Fine Arts

S.N Course           Photocopy ready to distribution Date
1 B.A. Lot No 1     Dt.13-12-2016
2 B.A. Lot No.2 Dt.17-12-2016
3 B.A. Lot No.3 Dt.09-01-2017
4 M.A.Lot No.1 Dt.13-01-2017
5 B.A Lot No.4 Dt.23-01-2017
6 M.A.Lot No.2 Dt.24-01-2017
7 B.A. Lot No.5 Dt.10-02-2017
8 B.A. Lot No.6 Dt.22-02-2017

Faculty of Commerce 

S.N. Course Photocopy ready to distribution Date
1 B.Com Lot No1 Dt.15-12-2016
2 B.Com Lot.No.2 Dt.03-01-2017
3 B.Com Lot No.3 Dt.06-01-2017
4 B.Com Lot No.4 Dt.07-01-2017
5 B.C.A. Lot No.1 Dt.09-01-2017
6 B.C.A. Lot No.2 Dt.10-01-2017
7 BBA Lot No.1 Dt.10-01-2017
8 M.Com Lot No.1 Dt.10-01-2017
9 B.Com Lot No.5 Dt.10-01-2017
10 LLM Lot No.1 Dt.11-01-2017
11 BCA Lot No.3 Dt.27-01-2017
12 M.Com. Lot No.2 Dt.27-01-2017
13 B.Com Lot No.6 Dt.27-01-2017
14 BCA Lot No.4 Dt.30-01-2017
15 BBA Lot No.2 Dt.30-01-2017
16 BCA Lot No.5 Dt.01-02-2017
17 BALLB Lot No.1 Dt.01-02-2017
18 BALLB Lot No.2 Dt.03-02-2017
19 LLB Lot No.3 Dt.03-02-2017
20 B.Com.Lot No.7 Dt.09-02-2017
21 BBA Lot No.3 Dt.09-02-2017
22 BCA Lot No.6 Dt.09-02-2017
23 LLB Lot No.4 Dt.09-02-2017
24 LLB Lot No.5 Dt.10-02-2017
25 MBA Lot No.1 Dt.10-02-2017
26 M.Com Lot No.3 Dt.13-02-2017
27 BCA Lot No.7 Dt.14-02-2017
28 LLB Lot No.6 Dt.16-02-2017
29 BCA Lot No.8 Dt.16-02-2017
30 MBA Lot No.2 Dt.16-02-2017
31 BCA Lot No.9 Dt.22-02-2017
32 MBA Lot No.3 Dt.01-03-2017
33 MBA Lot No.4 Dt.03-03-2017
34 MBA Lot No.5 Dt.06-03-2017
35 BCA Lot No.10 Dt.08-03-2017
36 MBA Lot No.6 Dt.08-03-2017
37 LLB Lot No.7 Dt.15-03-2017
38 LLB Lot No.8 Dt.18-03-2017

Faculty of Science

Sr.No. Course           Photocopy ready to distribution date
1 M.Sc. Lot No.1  Dt.09-01-2017
2 M.Sc. Lot No.2 Dt.12-01-2017
3 MCA Lot No.1 Dt.13-01-2017
4 B.Sc. Biotech Lot No.1 Dt.13-01-2017
5 B.Sc. ECS Lot No.1 Dt.13-01-2017
6 B.Sc. ECS Lot No.2 Dt.16-01-2017
7 M.Sc. Lot No.3 Dt.19-01-2017
8 B.Sc. Biotech Lot No.2 Dt.24-01-2017
9 B.Sc. ECS Lot No.3 Dt.24-01-2017
10 B.Sc. Plain Lot No.1 Dt.25-01-2017
11 M.Sc. Lot No.4 Dt.30-01-2017
12 B.Sc. Plain Lot No.2 Dt.07-02-2017
13 B.Sc. ECS Lot No.4 Dt.07-02-2017
14 B.Sc. Plain Lot No.3 Dt.07-02-2017
15 B.Sc. Plain Lot No.4 Dt.09-02-2017
16 B.Sc. ECS Lot No.5 Dt.14-02-2017
17 B.Sc. Plain Lot No.5 Dt.16-02-2017
18 B.Sc. Biotech Lot No.3 Dt.16-02-2017
19 B.Sc. Plain Lot No.6 Dt.22-02-2017
20 B.Sc. Plain Lot No.7 Dt.08-03-2017
21 B.Sc. ECS Lot No.6 Dt.08-03-2017

Faculty of Education & Pharmacy

Sr.No. Course Photocopy ready to distribution Date
1 B.Ed. Lot No.1  Dt30-01-2017
2 B.Ed. Lot No.2 Dt.03-02-2017
3 B.Pharmacy Lot No.1 Dt.23-02-2017
4 B.Pharmacy Lot No.2 Dt.27-02-2017
5 B.Pharmacy Lot No.3 Dt.28-02-2017

Faculty of Engineering

Sr.No. Course              Photocopy ready to distribution Date
1 Engineering Lot No.1 Dt.10-02-2017
2 Engineering Lot No.2 Dt.13-02-2017
3 Engineering Lot No.3 Dt.14-02-2017
4 Engineering Lot No.4 Dt.15-02-2017
5 Engineering Lot No.5 Dt.18-02-2017
6 Engineering Lot No.6 Dt.22-02-2017
7 B.Arch Lot No.1 Dt.22-02-2017
8 Engineering Lot No.7 Dt.22-02-2017
9 Engineering Lot No.8 Dt.28-02-2017
10 Engineering Lot No.9 Dt.01-03-2017
11 B.Arch Lot No.2 Dt.03-03-2017
12 Engineering Lot No.10 Dt.04-03-2017
13 Engineering Lot No.11 Dt.06-03-2017
14 Engineering Lot No.12 Dt.06-03-2017
15 Engineering Lot No.13 Dt.07-03-2017
16 Engineering Lot No.14 Dt.08-03-2017
17 Engineering Lot No.15 Dt.09-03-2017
18 Engineering Lot No.16 Dt.10-03-2017
19 Engineering Lot No.17 Dt.14-03-2017
20 Engineering Lot No.18 Dt.15-03-2017
21 Engineering Lot No.19 Dt.18-03-2017
22 Engineering Lot No.20 Dt.18-03-2017
23 Engineering Lot No.21 Dt.20-03-2017
24 Engineering Lot No.22 Dt.21-03-2017
25 Engineering Lot No.23 Dt.22-03-2017
26 Engineering Lot No.24 Dt.23-03-2017
27 Engineering Lot No.25 Dt.24-03-2017
28 MCA Lot No.1 Dt.24-03-2017
29 ME Lot No.1 Dt.24-03-2017
30 Engineering Lot No.26 Dt.27-03-2017
31 Engineering Lot No.27 Dt.27-03-2017
32 Engineering Lot No.28 Dt.01-04-2017
33 ME Lot No.2 Dt.03-04-2017