Faculty of Commerce
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* B.Com. Part-I (Business Economics) (Sem.I & II)  w.e.f.2013-14
* B.Com.Part-I (Financial Accounting) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f.2013-14
* B.Com.Part-I (Principles of Business Magt.) (Sem.I & II) w. e. .f. 2013-14
* B.Com.Part-I (Business Mathematics) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f.2013-14
* B.Com.Part-I (Principles of Marketing) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f.2013-14

* B.Com.Part-I (Insurance) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f.2013-14
* B.Com.Part-I (Geography) (Sem.I & II ) w.e.f.2013-14

* B.Com.Part-I (Urdu) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f.2013-14
* B.Com.Part-I (Kannada) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f.2013-14
* B.Com. Part-I (Hindi) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f.2013-14
* B.B.A. Part-I (Sem.I & II) w.e.f. 2013-14
* B.C.A. Part-II (Sem.I &II) w.e.f.2013-14
* P.G.D.C. (Sem.I & II) w.e.f.2013-14

* M.Com.Part-I (Managerial Economics),(Opt.I & II Co-Operation and Rural 
   Development), (Paper-I &II Advanced Banking and Financial System) 
   Sem.I& II) 

* M.Com. Part-I (Advanced Accountancy) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f.2013-14
* M.Com.Part-I (M .C. O. B.) (Sem.I &II) w.e.f.2013-14
* M.Com.Part-I (Taxation) (Paper-I & II) (Sem.I&II) w.e.f.2013-14
* M.Com.Part-I (Adv.Costing) (Paper-I & II) (Sem.I & II) w.e.f.2013-14
* M.Com. Part-I (Advanced Marketing P-I &II), (P-I Fundamentals of Ins.&
   P-II Prin. & Practice of Life and Health of Ins. (Sem.I & II)

 * M.C.A.Part-I (Sem.I & II) w.e.f. 2013-14
 * M.B.A.Part-II (Sem. III & IV) w. e. f. 2013-14

B.Com.Part-I (w.e.f.-2013-14) B.Com.Part-II (w.e.f.-2014-15)           B.Com.Part-III             (w.e.f.-2015-16)
Kannda  Business Statistics Advanced Statistics
Insurance Corporate Accounting Advanced Accounting Paper-I&II(SemV&VI)
Busincess Economics Business Economics Business Economics
Busincess Mathematics   Fundamental of Entrrepreneruship Business Regulatury Farmework (Sem-V&VI)
Financial Accounting  Money & Financial System Advanced Insurance -Paper-I&II (Sem-V&VI)
     Advanced Banking-Paper-I&II
Prinicpales of Markieting   Co-Operative Development (Sem-V&VI)
B.A.B.Com.Part-I Hindi    Industrial Management (Sem-V&VI)
 Prin.of Business Management   Modern Management Practice (Sem-V&VI)
    Advanced Cost Accounting Paper-I&II (Sem-V&VI)

M.Com.Part-I (w.e.f.2013-14) M.Com.Part-II (w.e.f.2014-15) M.Com.Part-II(w.e.f.2015-16)
  Business Finance Adv.Banking & Financial System (Paper-III&IV) (Sem-III&IV)
  Internaional Marketing-Paper-III Research Methodology & Project Work (Common Syllabus to all Specialization of M.Com. Courses as Paper-IV)
Managerial Economics
(Co-Operation&Rural Develop.
Adv.Banking &financial System-Paper-I&II
Advanced Marketing-Paper-IV  
  M.C.O.B.  Advanced Accountancy_Paper-III  
Taxation Advanced Accountancy_Paper-IV  
Adv. Marketing  Advanced Costing Paper -III  
Advanced Accountancy Advanced Costing Paper - IV  
Advanced costing Prin. & Practice of General Insurance Paper-III  
Advanced Statistics-Sem-I  (w.e.f.2014-15) Prin. & Practice of Life & Health of Insurance-(Research Methodology) Sem-III_Paper-IV  
Advanced Statistics-Sem-II (w.e.f.2014-15) Advanced Statistics   
  International Marketing Paper-III  
  Adv.Marketing Paper-IV  
  M.Com-II-Management Accounting-Sem-III&IV  
  M.Com-II-Research Methodology -Sem-III-Paper-II  

M.C.A.Part-I (w.e.f.2013-14) M.C.A.Part-II (w.e.f.2014-15) M.C.A.-III (w.e.f.2015-16)

M.C.A.-II-Bridge Course

M.C.A.II-Bridge Course  Rules

B.B.A.Part-I (w.e.f.2013-14) B.B.A.Part-II (w.e.f.2014-15) B.B.A.Part-III (w.e.f.2015-16)

B.C.A.Part-I (w.e.f.2012-13) B.C.A.Part-II (w.e.f.2013-14) B.C.A.Part-III (w.e.f.2014-15)

CGPA- BBA-I (Sem-I&II)    
 (w.e.f. June-2014)
(w.e.f. June-2014

(w.e.f. June-2015)
(w.e.f. June-2015)

(w.e.f. June-2016)
(w.e.f. June-2016)

Certificate Course in Office Management w.e.f. 2014-15

M.Phil/Ph.D.Course Work Syllabus- w.e.f.June-2014
Commerce Faculty Syllabus

All M.Com.I- Choice Based Credit System Syllabus                                                           (w.e.f.June-2015-16)
M.Com.I-Advanced Marketing M.Com.I-Advanced Costing
M.Com.I-Advanced Statistics M.Com.I-Advanced Accounting
M.Com.I-Managerial Economics, Co-operation
and Rural Development, Adv.Banking & Financial System-Paper-I&II
(Management Concept & Organization Behaviour)
MBA.-I (Sem-I&II)

B.C.A.III(Sem-V&VI), BBA-II (Sem-III&IV), BBA-III (Sem-V&VI) & MBA(Sem-IV)  Equivalent Papers

BBA-III (Annual Pattern-2008) Equivalent Papers

B.C.A.-I-Sem-I&Ii- Equivalent Papers

All B.Com.I (Sem-I&II)-Choice Based Credit System Syllabus-
w.e.f. June-2016-17

B.Com.I (Sem-I&II)-Business Economics B.Com.I (Sem-I&II)- Business Mathematics
B.Com.I (Sem-I&II)-Insurance B.Com.I (Sem-I&II)-Financial Accounting
B.Com.I (Sem-I&II)-Principles of Business Management  B.Com.I-Opt.Geography (Economic & Commerical Geography
BBA-I (Sem-I&II) B.Com.I(Sem-I&II)-Principles of Marketing

B.Com.III-Advanced Accountancy (Paper-I&II) (Sem-V&VI)-CGPA Pattern-w.e.f.2016-17

All M.Com.II (Sem-III&IV)-Choice Based Credit System Syllabus-
w.e.f. June-2016-17

M.Com.II (Sem-III&IV)-Adv.Banking & Financial System Paper-III M.Com.II(Sem-III&IV)-Principles & Practice of General Insurance in India
M.Com.II(Sem-III&IV)-Advanced Accountancy-Paper-III M.Com.II(Sem-III&IV)-Business Finance
M.Com.II(Sem-III&IV)-Advanced Costing Paper-III M.Com.II- (Sem-III&IV) Management Accounting (compulsory Subject)
M.B.A.II (Sem-III&IV)  

M.Com.II-All Specialization Paper-IV(Research Methodology & Project Work) for Regular Students & External Students

B.Com.I,II &III-CBCS Structure-2016-17

PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application)-CBCS Pattern-w.e.f.-2016-17

Diploma in Business Management (DBM) (Sem-I&II)-CBCS Pattern-w.e.f.-2016-17

BCA-Sem-IV,V & VI -Equivalence Paper

MBA Ordinance No. 41 (Choice Based Credit System)

All B.Com.II (Sem-III&IV)-CBCS Syllabus-w.e.f.June-2017-18
B.Com.II (Sem-III&IV)-Business Economics-II B.Com.II(Sem-III&IV)-Money & Financial System
B.Com.II(Sem-III&IV)-Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship B.Com.II(Sem-III&IV)-Business Statistics
B.Com.II(Sem-III&IV)-Corporate Accounting  

BBA-II(Sem-III&IV)-CBCS-w.e.f.2017-18 MBA-I(Sem-I&II)-CBCS-w.e.f.2017-18

BCA-Part-I&II (Sem-I to IV) -Equivalence Papers CGPA to CBCS Pattern

Democracy, Elections and Good Governance
All UG First Year (Semester-II)
 w.e.f. June-2017-18
Environmental Studies
All UG Second Year (Semester-IV)
.e.f. June-2017-18