How to admit transfered student in Digital College Software.
Last Updated On Aug 27 2011 5:12PM
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1. First collect the TC or TC code from student.
2. Open the Digital College Smart Client Software from your desktop
3. Enter the user id and password
4. Click on "Tranfer" link
5. Click on "Download Tranfer Student" link
6. Enter Student PRN No and TC Code and click on download
7. After download it gives the message that " Student downloaded successfully"
8. Now open the Digital College Portal
9. Enter the user id and password
10. Click on "Admission" link
11. Click on "Tranfer Student Admission" link
12. Enter the PRN Number
13. It shows the student details and display the "Confirm" link beside
14. Click on Confirm link and do the admission
15. and finally upload the data from Smart Client.